I have been painting professionally and sharing my cultural creations for over 6 years now, so I thought it was time to do something fun and interactive that you can all potentially be a part of.

In December 2018, I’ll be launching my Bakan Yawutung ‘Journey Stones’ Project, an exciting new community driven project.

Here’s how the project works.

Early December I’ll be releasing four (4) hand crafted Journey Stones into the world.
I’ll post images along with a series of clues to help in determining their location.
Each of the stones will have instructions on the reverse on what to do and how to support the project.

All the lucky locators will receive a special gratitude gift for supporting the project and sending the stone on it’s next journey.
Gifting the journey stone back and connecting with others along the way, is a special way to ‘give back’ and to be a part of a really cool adventure and community driven creative project.

Sound exciting? I know I’m excited!
My hope is that my Bakan Yawutung ‘Journey Stones’ travel all over the world, and I look forward to sharing their journey with you.

Follow the project at

Ang 🌼